Robot Coupe – Food Processor

Robot Coupe – Food Processor

Processing food is quite possibly the single most laborious element in our operation. Dicing, slicing, chopping, mixing, mincing you name it.

Having the right equipment for the job makes all the difference in the world. I remember when we first started this journey about 10 years ago we bought everything at the local kitchen store. Equipment designed for home use. Before long we realized that our equipment was breaking in all ways imaginable. Mainly because we were using it too much. Residential equipment isn’t designed to be used at the level we were using it.

I think it was after our second food processor broke that I had made the decision to never buy residential kitchen equipment again. We needed an upgrade. Commercial here we come!!

I didn’t know much about commercial kitchen equipment when I first started the process of looking for a new food processor. I must admit that the initial searches were quite overwhelming. I was mainly sticker shocked but I had made a business decision and there was no turning back.

The name Robot Coupe kept coming up in our searches. I would hear things like “The Cadillac of Food Processors”. Did I really need a Cadillac? Not sure, but I did more research and the more I looked at this unit the harder it was to say no. The product looked amazing, it’s functions were exactly what I needed, and the quality was top notch.

I bought one. I didn’t get the most expensive, matter of fact I got their base model that diced, sliced, grated, chopped and mixed. After owning this unit for 5 years now I can tell you with 100% confidence that I would do it again with zero hesitation. The price that I paid was well worth it as this unit has effectively served as another employee. It has paid for itself in time saved alone many times over. The blades stay sharp for a very long time, the motor is still running strong with no mechanical issues, and the build is solid.

Depending on the type of operation you have you may use this unit lightly or you may use it heavily but either way if prep work is a part of what you do this unit is an absolute must!!

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